Week 6: November 17th, 2010

3rd Grade Group:

The girls did some really fun activities today while learning the difference between a chemical reaction and a chemical mixture. First, we made playdough, a chemical mixture made using ingredients that you can find at home (flour, salt, oil, vinegar and water). After having some fun with our creations, we set off baking soda and vinegar volcanoes!  The volcanoes are an example of a chemical reaction, to contrast the chemical mixture we made earlier.

4th/5th Grade Group:

Today the girls learned about the relationship between temperature and the volume of a gas. We then used our knowledge to "magically" inflate balloons.  For one experiment, we put hot water into a plastic bottle and shook it around, then we emptied the bottle and placed a balloon over the mouth of the bottle. When we stuck the bottle into a bowl of cold water, the balloon inflated inside of the water bottle! This is because as the air in the bottle gets cooler, it contracts and sucks the balloon into the bottle.

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