Week 4: November 3rd, 2010

3rd Grade Group:

This week the 3rd graders created beautiful crystal gardens! After learning all about what crystals are, the 3rd graders mixed bluing, salt and ammonia together to make their basic crystal solution.  They added food coloring to give their crystals some color and then added a piece of charcoal as a seed for the crystal to begin growing.  The girls are very excited to see what their crystals will look like next week after having a chance to grow!

4th/5th Grade Group:

The 4th graders did a variety of experiment to explored the amazing properties of dry ice.  We learned the concept of "sublimation" and how that is key to many of the abilities of dry ice.  For one experiment, we carefully put a piece of dry ice into a plastic bottle and then added water.  We put a ballon over the mouth of the bottle and watched as the balloon slowly filled up with carbon dioxide released by the dry ice. Next we added soap to the mix, creating soap bubbles filled with dry ice "fog".  Finally, we found that if a penny was pressed against dry ice, it produced a screeching sound!

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