Week 8: December 8th, 2010

Today was Science-fest day and our last Science Club for Girls session of the semester. Last week, each club picked out their favorite activity of the semester to share with the other club. The third graders decided they would demonstrate their knowledge of chemical reactions to the forth/fifth graders using baking soda and vinegar. The forth/fifth graders decided they would show the third graders surface tension using milk, soap and food coloring. Everybody had a lot of fun and enjoyed interacting with students in the other clubs. I'm looking forward to seeing everybody again next semester!

Week 7: December 1st, 2010

3rd Grade Group:

The third graders had a fabulously messy time making their own ice cream!  We used sugar, milk, whipping cream and vanilla to make our own blend of SCFG ice cream.  Theoretically, an ice and salt mixture would freeze our ice cream mixture, however in practice we ended up with a very cold milkshake.  Even though our experiment wasn't completely successful, it was quite a delicious demonstration of a chemical mixture!

4th/5th Grade Group:

The fourth graders created Cartesian divers.  Each girl made their own using a piece of a drinking straw, some paper clips, a twisty-tie and a full water bottle. After properly constructed, the diver will float or sink depending on how much the full water bottle is squeezed. Cartesian divers may seem magical at first, but we soon discovered that their behavior was based on the principles of buoyancy.